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Carefully and Ask Yourself ...Where is Mr. Smith?

1. What is it?           2. Where is it?     3. Why is it famous?

Kids: Do the Research, send your answer. Accept the challenge! 
Be bold!
Make Something Happen! E-mail your educated guess.

Emily H. from Burneside, England is the WINNER for 2009-2010!!!!

Mike B. from Raleigh, NC was the 2008-09 PRIZE winner! 
Answers came from Canada, AL TX, NE, IL, CA, CO, FL and MO.

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(Note: Answers are kept in a secret file until the end of the contest.)

THE BIG LIST -- What is your Educated Guess?

Solver's Name-Grade-Age

Solver's School and Country

Solver's Educated Answers

Emily H. - 5th grade  age 11

St. Oswald's Primary, Burneside, England

**secret file 1**

Jacob L. - 4th grade age 9

Hanson Elementary, Commerce City, CO

**secret file**

Sarah S. - 5th grade  age 11

George Washington Elementary, Daly City, CA

**secret file**

Stephanie R. - 4th grade age 10

James Elementary, Tampa, FL

**secret file**

Erin M. - 5th grade  age 11

Martin Elementary, Crossville, TN

**secret file**

James R. - grade 4 age 10

St. Stevens School, Halifax. N.S.

**secret file**

Randy J. 7- grade 6  age 12

Princeton Elementary, Lithonia, GA

**secret file**

Martina V. - grade 5 age 11

Washington Elementary, San Diego, CA

**secret file**




Send an email with (1) your first name, (2) age, (3) grade, (4) School name, (5) City, (6) Country, (7) and answer the 3 questions.  Later in the 2009-10 year, we will have a drawing from the winning answers. Note: In case of utter confusion, Mr. Smith stops the contest and keeps the prize for himself.

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