Dr. Terry K. Smith
twitter: @smithtk

Pre-Service Teacher Web: www.smithclass.org

University Teaching:
  • Radford University, Radford, VA - Associate Professor, School of  Teacher Education & Leadership: Science, Social Studies, Assistive/Educational technology, Internet Projects. Co-Chair of the annual Global Education Conference.
  • Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL - Asst. Professor, Curriculum & Instruction: 
    Field Supervision, Social Studies Education, Internet Projects. 
  • University of Saint Francis, Joliet, IL - Visiting Professor, Teacher Education, Science, Social Studies, Classroom Management.
  • Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA - Online, Educational Technology Instructor, Master of Arts Education & Teacher Credentialing program.
  • Concordia University, Portland, OR - Online,  Educational Technology Instructor, Master of Arts Teacher Education program.
  • High School Online: Zhong Lun Senior High School - Taipei, Taiwan. Invited Online Instructor, Conversational English.


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Professional and Academic Service
National Geographic Ambassador/Mentor - Educator Certification Program 2016-present
National Geographic Geo-Educators Steering Committee 2014 - 15.
Elected Board Member, Kidlink Association (Global Projects), 2014-17.
National Council for the Social Studies, Social Education Publications Committee, 2012-15
Chair: Curriculum & Instruction Undergraduate Committee, Western Illinois University 2013-14

College of Education and Human Services Technology Committee, 2011-2014
Council for Instructional Technology, Western Illinois University 2013-2014
Information Technology Governance Council, Western Illinois University 2013-2014
Mobile Computing Task Force, Western Illinois University 2011-13
Kappa Delta Pi Chapter vice president, 2011-14
Flat Classroom Media Judge: Globalization and Virtual Communication, 2011-18

Academic Reviewer:
National Geographic Explorer Grant reviewer, 2016-present 
National Geographic science textbook reviewer, 2017.

American Educational Research Association, conference paper reviewer, 2013-14. 
American Society for Engineering Education, conference paper reviewer, 2012-present
Journal of Online Teaching, journal reviewer, 2012-present
International Society for Technology in Education – conference paper reviewer, 2012.
Book review: Prufrock Press – Make Up Your Mind: A Classroom Guide to Ten Age-Old Debates. 2012

University Research Collaboration:
Arizona State University: 2012-present. Collaborating co-researcher ARX/QA project. 
Beta tester Quest2Teach preservice teacher training project.

Indiana University: 2010-12. Collaborating co-researcher on Quest Atlantis project.
Northern Illinois University
: 2007-08. Educational consultant, digital projects for elementary students, Mark Twain’s Mississippi project.  

Global Project Management:
Kidlink Landmark - international multi-school project runs every February (grades 4-8)
Monster Project - international multi-school project runs every October (grades PK-6)

Project-Based Learning Interviews:
Education Week (2010)  Web Conferencing Finds Elementary School Niche
Edutopia (2009) Project Managment Keeps Learning on Track
Scholastic Administrator (2009)  The Power of Project Learning
Educational Leadership (2009) Managing Messy Learning


Courses Taught:
EDSP/EDET 454 Educational & Assistive Technology
EDSP/EDET 554 Educational & Assistive Technology (graduate)
EDUC 310 Science Education Methods
EDUC 425 Social Studies Methods
EDUC 450 Student Teaching/Field Work
EDUC 430 Block Seminar/Field Work
ELED 470 Senior Field Work in Elementary Education (block)
ELED 410 Senior Seminar in Elementary Education
ELED 371 Elementary Education Field Work II
SSED 568 Improving Social Studies Instruction (online)
SSED 495 Teaching With a Global Perspective
SSED 354 Teaching Social Studies in the Primary Grades (Early Childhood)
SSED 365 Teaching Our Heritage/Human Geography
EDUC 392 Classroom Management
EDUC 385 Methods of Teaching Science & Social Studies
EDUC 210 Teaching in a Diverse Society
TEP 519 Educational Technology (online)
TEP 617B Advanced Uses of Educational Technology (online)
EDU 533W Educational Technology (online)


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Learning Technologies, Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Los Angeles 2011.
Master of Arts Education, Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO, 2004
Texas Teaching Certificate: Teacher Preparation/Certification Program; University of Texas Region XIII - Talented & Gifted Teacher, 1994.
Bachelor of Arts Gen Studies/Technical Communications, University of  New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, 1985.

K-12 Experience
Eugene Field Elementary, Hannibal, MO: 2001-2010, 4th grade teacher, school web manager.
Payson Seymour Elementary, Payson, IL:  2000-2001, 5th grade teacher.
Williams Elementary School, Georgetown, TX: 1998-1999 – 5th grade & Gifted math teacher.
Ellington School, Quincy, IL: 1997-1998, Gifted 2nd/3rd grade teacher, school web manager.
Granger School, Granger, TX: 1994-1997, 3rd grade teacher & Elementary Technology Coordinator 

Teaching Approach: Using projects, computers, learning management systems, blogs, wikis, smart phones, and various educational technology tools to stimulate and explore learning in the elementary classroom. I currently run yearly international multi-school projects Kidlink Landmark, and the Global Monster Project.

Before Teaching: Technical writer/editor for computer companies including Data General, SAS Institute, Tandem Computers, Solbourne Computers, and Dell Computers. As a technical writer, worked on system administration for networks and operating systems: TCP/IP, Unix, and Linux,  Quality Assurance, and User interfaces.