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Dr. Smith's Education Resources for Pre-service Elementary Teachers

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Assistive Technology

Ideas and Techniques for Creating and Managing the Learning Environment

Morning Meeting Ideas  -- Interactive Modeling 
Punishment vs Logical Consequences --  Responsive Classroom Newsletter Library
Project-based Learning on Edutopia - students engage in real-world problems and challenges
5 Ways to Get Students to Listen - Edutopia
Caution: Praise Can be Dangerous (article)
LeMov: teaching techniques summary (Prezi) -- Fred Jones techniques (Prezi)
Teaching Channel.Org - video examples by teachers - differentiation, assessment, behavior, attention
Teaching Classroom Procedures - Proactive steps for ensuring that students know what to do in the classroom
Using 21st Century Skills in the Classroom - a PDF of examples for stimulating thinking beyond the textbook approach
Learning Centers Example - 4th grade kids working independently - teacher facilitating social studies, math, virtual worlds, grammar
Playing to Learn: Lev Vygotsky - learning results by the interactions between children and their social environment.
Foldables - Hands on student-created folded booklets of content learning; cross curricular

Teacher Education Videos - Classroom Demonstrations of Techniques and Strategies

Teacher Education Embedded videos-links to Offsite Educational videos.

Seven Classroom Management Strategies - video




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