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Social Studies

Dr. Smith's Education Resources for Pre-service Elementary Teachers

Science Math  STEM Social Studies Literacy Global Education

Assistive Technology

Extensive Map Set from the Arizona Geographic Alliance
World, Continents, Regions, Countries, Historical Themes
Maps for Students Grade 1-4
-- GEO STEM Lessons


Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies

GEO STEM lessons K-8  VA Geographic Alliance  Captain John Smith in Jamestown
o Family Data/Photos Around the World Network of  Geographic Alliances  National Geographic Mapmaker Interactive
North America Geographic Regions Geography Matters - video National Geographic Education
Jamestown Lessons & Activities - Guide Underground Railroad - interactive Animated Quick US History
Teaching with Google Earth The Geo-Cube Joe Kerski Geography Videos
Landforms Around the World - video Teaching History with Technology Joe Kerski - Geographer
Nat Geo Map Maker Kits Inanimate Alice - Digital Journey Story Map sand Web Maps - Joe Kerski
 Geography & Geology for Kids Explore Ellis Island - The Immigrants Eyewitness to History 
Early Cars - Smithsonian for Kids  State Data Map Mission US - American History
Geography World of Kbears Explorers Hall of Fame - Interactive The Constitution for Kids 
 Geo Goop Recipe Government Info for Kids
World History for Kids Outline Maps

Smart Board

 The Oregon Trail   Kids Agriculture Page  SmartBoard Games Place
The United States Constitution Geography Quiz Simon Memory
  Smart Exchange - 100s of Lessons

Spanish & ESL

o Pacing Guides - CES/CPS Spanish-English Cyle Race
Clifford - English and Spanish

Finding Information

Web Questing

Spanish Puzzle \ Spanish Greetings
Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary Web Quests Search - Quest Garden Foreign Language Games
National Archives  Bald Eagles on the Mississippi + Video Culture & Language in Spanish

Designing Webquests


Ask Kids | Smithsonian  Webquest - More Searches


Early Learning/Kindergarten: Projects/Social Studies

Early Learning Social Studies Standards StoryPath: Problem Solving Approach Kinder Social Studies Lessons/Assessments
Teaching Young Children - Online Magazine Community Workers Web Quest Kinder Social Studies Experiences - video
Kindergarteners PBL - The Airport Storyline Online - read aloud stories Kindergarten Mapping Skills
NAEYC Technology Position Ranger Rick   
Response to Intervention (RtI) Kinder Web Quest- Grocery Store Mrs. Cassidy's Kinder Blog
Play and Children's Learning  Homes Around the World K Bear's Geography Journey
Early Learning and Technology   My Place in the World Project
Early Childhood Research Overview

Using Literature for Social Studies

Pre-schoolers Take Tech Outdoors The Little House - Lit Study  .
PreK-Primary Virtual Field Trips A River Ran Wild 


Early Childhood Today - Scholastic Horton Hatches the Egg & Other Lit  
Illinois Early Learning Project/Standards .  

Using Go Animate -- Pre-service Teacher Examples


Internet Projects

Internet Safety & Bullying     

Landmark Project (Kidlink)  PBS Webonaut Bully Lesson
Monster Project (Starts in October) NetSmartz Kids  
World Problems (example project) Think U Know Cyber Cafe
Peace Corps - World Wise Schools Safety Land
My Place in the World Project Internet Safety with Prof Garfield
Carnegie Cyber Academy

iPad and iPhone Apps /Find also on Android


CLIO - Local Historical Locations

QR Code reader
Educreations - interactive whiteboard Explain Everything Google Translate
Rube Works Innovative Game ArcGIS Geo Mobile - GPS mapping GeoCaching - global searching
StoryRobe - digital storytelling Wonderopolis - The Wonder of the Day US Constitution
Making Videos on iPad Abraham Lincoln Telegrams Transparent Earth Viewer
Teacher Pal - student info tracker  Dragon Voice Recognition Common Core Quick List
. Creative Book Builder .





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