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Science Math - STEM 

Dr. Smith's Education Resources for Pre-service Elementary Teachers

Science Math  STEM Social Studies Literacy Global Education

Assistive Technology

Next Generation Science Standards Dimensions

Science & STEM Activities and Resources

STEM Overview for Student Teachers.pdf   |   Matrix of Science-Engineering Practices.pdf

Discovery Education STEM Camp - plans, video segments K-12 (Water & Energy)

National Science Teachers Association


NSTA Science & Children Downloads eGFI - Engineering Lesson Plans
NSTA Science & Children Facebook Design Briefs - Children's Engineering Council K-5
NSTA Preservice Teacher Membership Design Briefs - Challenges
NSTA Facebook Page Teach Engineering Lessons K-12
NSTA Learning Center Engineering Challenge Cards -(download)
. Maryland STEM Sample Units/Lessons

National Geographic/Citizen Science 

STEM Kids Try Science  
Join! Nat Geo Certified Educator Program  Engineering Activities - NC State - Google Drive  
National Geographic Mapmaker Interactive  STEM Notebooks Science Demos-Young Learners

National Geographic Interactive Globe 

Design Squad -Forces and Energy
iNaturalist Community   K-12 STEM Curriculum List (Arizona STEM Network)
What is Citizen Science?  Hot Wheels Speedometry - STEM (free unit guide)
Nat Geo STEM Education Teacher Channel - Science/Engineering Practices
NatGeo Human Footprint Interactive Make Your Own Robot | PBS Design Squad
NatGeo Lessons | NatGeo Biodiversity Curious Crew and Gravity-Rob Stephenson
NatGeo-Educators blog NAEYC STEM Resources
National Geographic Educators - Facebook Green Teacher - Environmental Awareness
. Virginia Education Career View K-5


Math with Cakes/Architecture
Global Goals - Sustainability Exploring STEM Careers Game for Kids
Spot the Space Station - NASA  Learning About Different Kinds of Engineers
NASA STEM/Space Resources MCPS STEM links
NASA Rocket Launch Schedule MCPS Science Curriculum Guides 

NASA Smart Phone Apps

Virginia Tech STEM Programs
Eclipse Activities August 2017 International Technology & Engineering newsletter
Eclipse Path Download Maps Virginia Tech Engineering Outreach
Eclipse Across America Fact Poster (PDF)


Games for Sustainability Sustainable Ocean Farming
Urban Climate Architect game Sustainable Schools Project
Story Go Round - Disaster management game Green Schools
ECO Games Nat Geo Sustainable Seafood
Lords of the Valley Feeding the World with Grain
. .

Science Ideas/Activities


Spatial Thinking with GIS
Global STEM Activities ESRI Geo-Inquiries 
Biodiversity video- Cool Australia Science ArcGIS-Story Mapping Science
What is Biodiversity? NWF Story Maps Gallery
NWF Biodiversity Resources-Links National Climatic Data NOAA
Good Thinking - Teaching Science videos
BBC Bitesize Science | Interactive Science K-3

Water Cycle Hands On | Water and Me


Dying Plant Interactive | The Carbon Cycle
Energy Quest - All Kinds of Energy
Smithsonian Qrius Science Activities
Activities for Making Observations
Study Jams Science  

Monarch Butterflies & Bees

Animal Photo Gallery - Smithsonian Journey North Monarch Migration | Facebook
The Great Plant Escape Monarch Links | University of MN Monarch Labs
Discovery: Planet Earth | Windows to the Universe Monarch Projects 4th Grade
AAAS Science Assessments Monarch Watch - supplies for raising     
Harcourt Science: Grade 4  | Interactive Science K-3 Bee Books for Kids
Annenberg Case Studies in Science Education Missing Bees: Colony Collapse Disorder
Annenberg Earth & Space Science Pollinator Resources- Bees
Volcano World Data | Virtual Caves  Bees - Behavior/Ecology  
How to Help Bees
The Honeybee Conservancy
The Anatomy of Bees

Science Standards 

o NGSS Standards by Grade Level on NSTA Virginia Science Standards of Learning

Next Generation Science Standards

Virginia Cross Curricular Science Unit

NGSS Pathfinder - Connecting the Dimensions





Math & Problem Solving

Lure of the Labyrinth (math thinking)

 Pre-Algebra Games (difficult)

Univ of Chicago Math Library of Virtual Math Materials
Investigations  - Numbers, Data, Space NCTM Math Lessons
Math Live -Animated lessons Perimeter Problems
Interactive Measurement with Ruler Create a Graph Online 
Math, Architecture and Computers Name That Number
Cubes Volume Shape, Space, and Measuring
+ Billy Bug Coordinates Range, Mean, Median, and Mode

Multiplication Grid | Multiples with Alien Spacecraft

Virtual Coin Toss

PBSKids Games Money Honey  Change Maker
Math Dictionary | Math Quizzes Order the Numbers
4Kids.Org - Math & Language Games Gamequarium
BBC Bitesize Math | BBC Bitesize HARDER Math Multiplication Games
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