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Assistive Technology

Response to Intervention - RtI

RTI - Specific Reading Interventions - Excellent Resource for strategies
Center on Response to Intervention
Response to Intervention Overview - Wikipedia


iPad and iPhone Apps

Explain Everything

QR Code reader

Common Core Quick List
Educreations - interactive whiteboard  Creative Book Builder Google Translate
Rube Works Innovative Game Dragon Voice Recognition Making Videos on iPad
StoryRobe - digital storytelling 3D Visualizing Cubes .



Tumblebooks - Fiction-Nonfiction-Read Aloud Robert Munsch Tells Stories - Listen! Homes Around the World
Teaching Young Children - Online Magazine Science News for Kids Sentence Clubhouse
NAEYC Technology Position Cyberchase Web Adventures Word Builder   Grammar Gorillas
Response to Intervention (RtI) Kidport Kindergarten:Who's Home is it? A River Ran Wild  - Author Reads MP3
Play and Children's Learning  Simon Memory Practice  Horton Hatches the Egg & Other Lit
Early Learning and Technology Bembo's Zoo - letter visualization Interactive Literacy
PreK-Primary Virtual Field Trips Community Workers Web Quest Storyline Online - read aloud stories
Pre-schoolers Take Tech Outdoors Ranger Rick Online StoryPath: Problem Solving Approach
International Childrens' Digital Library Main Idea - free on BrainPOP BBC Bitesize English
ReadWorks  (reading comprehension) Treasures: Story Activities Expository Text: Cause/Effect lessons
Story Books Online  Aesop's Fables from Library of Congress Was and Were - 2 (Quia) 
Wonderopolis - Daily Challenge! Inanimate Alice (different) Homographs
  Word Finders Spelling City  English Zone
  Magnetic Poetry: Nature  
.   .


Finding Information

National Archives Merriam Webster Visual Dictionary Smithsonian Encyclopedia
Wonderopolis  Kid Clicks- Safe Search Ask Kids
Web Quests Search - Quest Garden GoGooligans - Safe Search Smart Exchange - 100s of Lessons


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