World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear William and Mason,

Ni Hau ma? What have you learned about Illiteracy in the World. We have learned that if adult can't read their kids will never be able to read. And people that can read are more fourtunate then one fifth of the world. Hey William maybe you can send Allen and me a photo of your self. Zi Jen.

Your Friends, Scott & Allen

3-7-03   To Scott and Allen,   What's up? We're William and Mason. Now we know how to sove this problem! We know that Illiteracy is mostly in China and Africa. Our school is build from recycle things. So the school is for cheap money. We have two section in the school. there is a adult section and a childeren section. We found on the computer that their illiteracy kills many, many people every year. Illiteracy is very important because when you grow up you won't get a job so your children can't go to school and everbody in your family can not read or write. What are your ideas or plan to solve this problem? I give you an idea. Donations to the illiteracy people. Were trying to get our recycle things (to build the school) from the homeless World Problem because they are using mud bricks and recycle bottle. they might crush some cars to get some metal a dn make the roof. Is yoru plan like ours? What country are you doing for illiteracy? the China school starts at 9 o'clock to 3:30pm. For the Africa school it starts at 9:30 to 4pm. The only homework is to read basic books and write out the moral of the book. Please send us some information about your illiteracy ideas or plan. THank You.   From, William and Mason
3-20-03 Dear Mason and William, How are you ? We are fine. Can you send your poster and your illiteracy solution? And send us a plan. Did you like our poster? Got to go .   your pals, Allen and Scott


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