World Illiteracy


 Mason and William: oral report -- Our problem is illiteracy. Most of this problem are in Africa and China. We need to have a plan to solve this problem quickly because people are dying from illiteracy. If people go to the doctor and they can't read or write they will get the wrong medicine and take it the wrong way. Our plan is to build schools for cheap money and let them learn basic writing because illiteracy is connected to every problem. People who are illiterate need lots of education. We need to tell people about world problems and giving them a chance to have a better life.

Literacy = better job, life, etc. etc.

If we don't solve the problem a lot of people won't have good education. It will be hard to live so they will give up their life for illiteracy. Our problem affects all people in the world right now. Our problem has been around for a long time. Not many people are solving this problem because they say it's "not us, so why should we care?"


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