World Problems 2003

Solutions for Illiteracy
by William and Mason



Our problem is illiteracy. Our problem is madness if it is let off the hook! We need everybody to donate some money. Illiteracy can cause death and if we don't build illiteracy schools many more might die. We will get the material from the world problem (homeless people invention) .

The company name for illiteracy is Crazy Illiteracy Company. We only hire people from high education to be in our company. Our school is divided into two sections. The adult's section and the children's section. The president has to let us build the schools because more and more people will have no jobs and might end up dying.

We have two different schools in China and Africa. We are going to make an Illiteracy Day. It is on May the 5th. That's the day that Africa's president and the Chinese president meet and talk about illiteracy. That day the world will donate some money to our company. It will cost fifty million dollars for one year. The good thing is when the adults know how to read and write we will help to find them a job.

Next year we build the schools (luxury) because we need to save the people. When the presidents meet they make an idea and then invent a machine to fix the problem. We will build another school in North America. We wish that no more illiteracy kills and everybody will have good education and life.

William and Mason



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