World Problems 2003

Solutions for Illiteracy
by Scott and Allen

Scott &Allen: This teacher is teaching three adult students.

This is a picture of the tents where people will learn.


Our Illiteracy Plan

1. Mobile School is our plan's name.

2. Go to different places in Missouri and America to raise money($200,000)which is to buy supplies.

3. Buy tents,buy folding chairs and hire teachers and buy books and buy lap tops and put them on a plane to Africa to Siwa Egypt.

4. Rent military jeeps and vans we'll need four vans and two jeeps.

5. Go to Siwa Egypt to set up tents then put everything in the tents and get some students in the tents so the teachers can teach the students how to read.

6. After the teachers are done teaching the students (which is about five years) then we leave Siwa Egypt and go back to Hannibal and then go to our next destination which is Juba Sudan.

7. After two years we test to see if our plan worked by checking Siwa Egypt and Juba, Sudan.


Kids can share a book.


Do you like our solution?

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