World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Stephen,
Ni Hau ma? I learned this about homeless people in the US - that 20% work but are still homeless. What have you learned Stephen? Did you see the project web site? We went to the library to find information.

Your Friend Travis

2-24-03 --Dear Travis and Lakeisha,
Hi! I've got your E-mail already, have you been working hard lately? Me and Sandy were, I used the internet and found some useful news for our project. I think we should have a new plan on helping the people's that are homeless, or a new machine. I've thought of a machine that looks like a flying ship , with three big tubes on its head. The big tubes are for sucking garbages from three diffrent landforms, air, water, and ground. After sucking the garbages, all the things goes in the ship and gets squashed and flatened into bricks(made from garbages). Later, the bricks goes into a large model that looks like a house(including the parts in the inside) and turns into a house! Then we take the houses to the peoples that needs it. Well that is my idea, how about it? And what is your idea? Tell us.

From Stephen and Sandy


Dear Travis and Lakeisha,

Ni-How-Ma? What is your plan? We got a plan of our own too. Want to hear it? This is our plan, we want to make a machine that can turn recycles into big pieces of LEGO, and then the homeless people will put the LEGO into houses that they like! We are also going to build the factories in Africa and Asia (the factories makes the big pieces of LEGO). So, do you like it? Email us and tell us about your plan.

Your friends,

Sandy and Stephen


Dear Stephen and Sandy,

Ni How Ma? We are going to have an airplane to go to Zunyi to drop the shelters. The shelters will pop out by therselfs. What is the name of your machine? How much does the legos cost to make? What color are the legos going to be? Yes we like your idea. Ho! Send us some pictures!

Your friend Lakeisha & Travis  


Dear Lakiesha and Travis

Hi! It is me, Stephen. I like your plan, but I don't like the part that you drop your house on the ground and the house pops out for homeless people. You see, airplanes can't handle the pressure of a house, you can put the boxes of pop out houses in a ship, but not a plane. Our machine here has four auto moving wheels, its body looks like a rectangle with a lot of buttons. It also has a big, long tube on the head. At the end of the machine has a rectangle that has a long table attached to it. so do you like my machine. tell me.

Your friend Stephen and Sandy


Dear Stephen ,

The pop out shelter is not a house. It does not weigh much only 100 pounds. We like your plan . How big are the Legos and do they weigh much? How do the people use it? Is that the Lego house on your poster? Can you ask your teacher to get a bigger poster on your web page?

PS - Lakeisha is moving.

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