World Problems 2003

Solutions for the Homeless
by Sandy and Stephen

Home Sweet Home

Our world problem is homeless people. We need to fix it because thousands of people become homeless every week. If we don't fix it more people will become homeless every week.

We need an invention that can build shelters for them. Our invention is called Lego Builder. It is a machine that has four auto moving wheels, it also has a fat tube on the head, the body looks like a big long rectangle, the end of the machine has a hole that looks like a square that is connected to a long table.

We are going to use recycled plastic products as our materials such as plastic bags, bottles, legos and toys. We might borrow money from the government or we might raise the money ourselves. This is how we earn our money: we will ask those companies that manufacture cold drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Nestea to sponsor our plan. For example, a bottle drink costs NT 30, and if someone buys one, 1NT goes to us. One of these machines will cost NT 111 (I'm not sure this is correct! Mr. J) We will ask that best mechanics to help us build the machine. We will also ask scientists and the company that makes Legos to research how to turn recycled plastic products into large pieces of Lego. Our machine needs solar energy to get it to work. If it rains, it will still work.

The machine work like this.
You put the plastic products into the machine, then the machine starts to turn It into large pieces of lego. (after the research)

I think everyone can buy our machines, maybe the rich peoples might buy this machines, make large pieces of lego, put the lego together and give it to the homeless people.


Stephen and Sandy


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