Lakeisha and Travis: People without home is a bad problem in Africa, Brazil, Europe and the USA. Mostly people in Africa are homeless. 3 million people are homeless in the USA. This has been a problem for a long time. Some peole are trying to solve this problem like Habitat World, Hope Builders, Salvation Army and US government. What causes it is people losing their jobs, mental illness, floods, droughts and drugs too. If no one solves outr problem more people will be homeless.

Homeless children in Asia

About Homeless People by Travis and Lakeisha

Our story is about homeless people and kids. They're 3 million homeless people in the Us.I know that sometimes they get frost bites. They have hunger problems 34% are addicted to drugs or alcohol. 22% are mentally disabled. 11% have served in the military. Habitat world hope buider and salvation army are helping the homeless people. A group of preschool kid's helped their mothers planned and serve a meal at a homeless shelter. An elementary school helped to. We need the government to help us. We could make a shelter for the homeless. a shelter that people that are homeless to stay and live there. Ryan said'' if I was homeless I would go in a abandoned house."'

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