World Problems 2003

Solutions for the Homeless


TRAVIS: This is a sketch.

TRAVIS: The air plane is dropping the shelter. The boys and girls are running.

Two Solutions for Homeless people


1.We will ask Managers of factories to get jobs for the homeless.

2. The jobs are in gas station, toy stores, nursing homes, and at restaurrants.

3. Homeless people get their money from their job.

4. Now they can rent a house.

5. Now they have a place to live.

Homeless kids - we will write Mr. Bush and asked him if he can send army men to take them to shelters.



1. An air plane will drop the shelters and the preson on the airplane will push the big red butten and the sides of the box come down and air come in and blows it up into a shelter.

2. We are going to have 260 shelters.

3. The shelters are going to be $100 a piece.

4. We are going to put 260 shelters in Zunyi. It is in China.

5. We are going to have a loud speeker to say for the homeless, "Heres a Shelter for you to live in."

6. We will say, "share becuase you both are going to the same place."

Lakeisha and Travis working on the poster.

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