World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Stephnie and Andrew,

Ni Hau Ma! Did you learn any thing about World Hunger? We learned that starving is the most unpleasant way to die, to find the energy to

walk about and search or beg for food, you now must rely on your body fat. What Have you been doing on the World Project? We went to the libery and we looked for books about World Hunger.

Your best email pals ever,
Shelby and Glen

2-24-03 -- to:Shelby and Glen
Hi! Are you ready for the world problem.Did you find any information of world hunger? We can't find any information about world hunger! We should both figure out a plan and create a machine to help give people who don't have food, some food. Do you guys have any ideas? We would love to hear them because we are not sure exactly what we need to do.
Andrew and Stephenie


Dear Andrew and Stephenie,

Hi! Yes, we found alot of information about world hunger. If you want to get all the information that we have go to, No we do not have an idea yet!

Glen and Shelby



Dear Shelby and Glen,

We saw your plan on the internet and your is similar to ours. And do you know the scientist has discover the biotechnology seed that can grow in winter of grow fast?

We had to go to the hungersite and we saw a lot of people die by hunger and we also find out 24000 people die ach day. We are trying to search for some pictures of Africa.

Andrew and Stephenie


  Dear Stephenie and Andrew,

We think you had a great idea but how are they going to feed the animals that you give them? We are all ready on our poster but we only have some tents done and some posts with yellow tape across the posts and our helicopter. Where are you going first for the hungry people? We are going to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in Africa.

your best pals,

Shelby and Glen

Taiwan World Hunger comments: 3-19-03

Belle- Maybe they can't move enough food because there are too many people!

Vivian-"what about the future?"

Vicki-"maybe it would be better if they could bring food for 1 year

Everyone-"the plans were good!"


Dear everyone who sent comments,

We don't know about the future yet ,we have to think more about the future. We are going to bring enough food because we are going to do some resarch and see how many people are starving.

your freinds, Shelby and Glen


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