World Hunger


Andrew and Stephenie: oral report - Our problem is World Hunger and we are going to help Asia, China and Africa especially. Our idea is to grow fast growing seed that can grow in two weeks and we can give them chicks, calfs, and ducks and we can let farmers to them how to grow plants and how to take care of the animals and they can have a farm and will no longer be hungry.

We can help the people that are solving the problem of Homeless people and maybe they will not be hungry and homeless anymore.

24, 000 people die a day so we need to have the money from the rich country and together we can start our plan as fast as we could before 24000 people die again.

We think that we should help Africa at first. We gave the money to the poor people but not the greedy one. The government in Southern Africa have prevented food assistance from being distributed to the hungry by rejecting biotech corn, which has been eaten safely around the world since 1995.

Maybe we can also use the money and get the seeds for them.


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