World Problems 2003

Solutions to Hunger
by Andrew and Stephenie

Ther Hunger Poster by Andrew and Stephenie

Hunger Strike

Our problem is World Hunger. We know that China, Asia and Africa are suffering from hunger. At first we are going to help Africa because almost all the people in Africa are suffering from hunger.

If we don't help Africa there will be more than 24,000 people die each day.

We have a plan that can help the hungry people, at first we need to tell the government our plan and then we are going to be the partners with the poor countries. We need rich countries like U.S.A, Canada and England, the people in the rich country will donate the money to us and we will give the money to the scientists and the scientists will help us to make the special seeds for the poor people.

We need people to go to the poor country to teach them how to plant the seeds, we will also send them chicks, calf and ducks to the poor country and also a person to teach them how to take care of the animals.

We can work with the people that are solving the homeless problem and we can teach them how to build a house and the problem will be solved.

We call this plan "HUNGER STRIKE". BY:Andrew & Stephenie



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