Shelby and Glen : Asia and Africa are the places most affected by hunger in the world. The problem affects peole and animals. This has been a problem for a long time and many people are already working on the problem like us and our Taiwan friends. We might strt in Asia to fix the problem and we will have a plan. We might talk to the President, doctors, and the Governor. If we don't solve this problem all the hungry people will die.

About World Hunger by Glen and Shelby

People all around the world have to Survive starvation! Our story is about World Hunger. Africa has the most starving place. The reason people are so hungry is because if they grow crops to have food the crops might get flooded, thats one way. Here are some ways the people who are starving get their food by diging in a dumpster and eating insects. Ryan and Matt said, "I donít like that those people have to starve. " They canít stay healthy because you have to have certain nutrience.It is going to be hard to feed all the people because it is going to take a lot of money and because their going to try to get to the other personís food. We are going to buy a lot of tents and seeds and food then we are going to get a helicopter to have it to bring the food where ever we go. We are going to put yellow tape to guide the people in lines to get the food and it is going to be like a fence. We think this is a very serious problem. 2-26-03


These are hungry children in Ethiopia in Africa.

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