World Problems 2003

Solutions to Hunger
by Shelby and Glen

Shelby: This is our first sketch of our plan .



Shelby: Our poster shows tents with food in them and people lined up and people going in the tents(there are going to be alot more tents)

Shelby: On the left Glen is working on our poster. On the right Glen and I are holding our poster.

World Hunger Solution

1. We are going to write a letter to president Bush, the Missouri governer, a doctor, and 5 helicopter drivers and ask them to help us.

2. Next we would buy tents, seeds, food, planting tools, yellow tape, a speaker, and rent land in Ethiopia.

3. Then we would rent 5 helicopters.

4. Then we would put it all in the 5 helicopters.

5. Then we would get in one of the helicopters.

6. Then we would have the 5 helicopter drivers drive the 3 helicopers that we rented.

7. Then we would tell the drivers to go to Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

8. Then we would go to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

9. Then we would land the helicopters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

10. Then we would unfold the tents and set them up in a field, try to get the people in a group, and put the yellow tape around them.

11. Get the speaker out of the helicopter.

12. Get the speaker on.

13. Yell in the speaker "come to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia if you want food."

14. We think that it will cost $500,000.

15. The stuff that we would put in the boxes are seeds, lettuce, a month supply of food and planting tools.



Shelby: Here are some people eating and we want everyone to eat.

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