World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Vicki and Eric,

How are you? What do you got done on endangered species? I wrote a page about Endanger species. What have you been doing on your project? Are you going to make a poster? What are you going to do on your project. I got to taste your candy that you eat there. What kind of candy do you like do you have gum there? What kind of chips do you like? What kind of pizza do you like?

your best pen-pals
Hailey & B.J

2-24-03 - to Haily and BJ

Me and Eric have been thinking to make a National Park for endangered species. What is your idea??Can you give us some more ideas and information??We are making one for each contenent!We are going to have trained solders standingoutside the National Park and good scientist. (This is Mr. Justik now, and I would like it if you would suggest some web sites for these two students to check out? Or share any other ideas or thoughts you might have. Thanks.)
From Vicki and Eric


Dear Vicki and Eric,

How are you? There is a web site that Mr.smith told me about but I haven't seen yet it is and

Did you make your poster yet? have you seen our teams web page?

your friend Hailey


Dear Hailey and B.J,

Cheers! Thank you for the websites that you gave us! It was a lot of help for us! What is your plan, idea or invention? Hey, your idea sounds a lot like ours! We have a second plan; it's to build a lab for the endangered species to breed. We know that animals are dying way too fast because we're hunting them, and destroying their habitats. You know we found a website for you, it is: Do you guys have a second plan? If you have a second plan tell us about it next time you mail us.

From Vicki and Eric


Dear Vicki and Eric,

How are you doing? We are doing great! What did you find out about the endangered species? Are you working on your poster yet. How is your plan going to work? Are you going to take them out of thier home so you can breed them what kind of animals are you going to Start with. We do not have a second plan. We are going to build a park around the animals home . What is your first plan I want to know? Our poster is looking good. Where are your picturres for the web page? Are you working on your poster? Thank you for sending the endangered species web site to us.

Your friends Hailey and B.j

Taiwan Endangered Species comments: 3-19-03

Vicki- "are the parks too cheap?"

Everyone-We really like the idea of allowing people to pay money to take pictures and videos to help pay for the park !


Everyone-"50 parks is a great idea because it helps many more animals!"

Beryl-"Where are the other 49 parks?"


Dear Friends,

The parks are not cheap.
We will put eight parks on each continent except Antarctica.

Hailey and BJ


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