World Problems 2003

Solutions for Endangered Species
by Vicki and Eric

Endangered Species

The project we're working on is endangered species. If we don't stop killing animals and destroying their habitat, they will all disappear, and it will change the balance of nature badly!

We have two plans to solve this problem.

1. Our first plan is to build a national park for animals to live in, and to breed in it. No people are allowed in the park, except for biologists.

2. Our second plan is to build a lab and let the animals to live in captivity, and allow the animals to breed in captivity too.


The cost for the national park is about70 million American dollars. And the cost for the lab is about 3million American dollars. We got all our money from the Foundation of the Endangered Species.

If we don't save the animals now, almost every important animal will die out, and people will never see them again. We are afraid that the cheetahs, elephants, panda bears, sea otters, bald eagles, California condors and gorillas will all become extinct.

So we believe our plan can really save this problem, because we will absolutely give no chance for the poachers to kill the animals. Then we can let the animals roam free on the plains again.

Our List
national park
ask government for land

We will need 100 volunteers to help us!



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