Endangered Species

BJ and Hailey: Our problem is about endangered species in the world. The animals are in Asia, North America, South America, and all the other continents. Mainly animals are affected but people are also affected. Panda bears are one animal endangered in China. This problem is not the result of just one group of people. People have been killing animals for a long time for their skins and furs not for food. The snow leopard is killed for its fur. The rhino is killed for its horn. We need a plan for this problem or all the animals will be extinct.

Here is a painting of a snow leopard being skinned.

About Endangered Species by Hailey and BJ

How do hunters kill driffent kind of species? My story is about Endengerd species. Some of the animals are getting extinct.The animails that are dying are the jackass penguin, koala, and the red panda. We are going to build a park in each continent in stead of taking away their home. We are going to make a park around their homes. We are working with Taipei kids with the same problems.Chelsea said" I think they need to stop killing the animails and they need to survive like us. They have the right to live."

Snow Leopard



Red Panda

Galapagos tortise

Bengal tiger

African Elephant

Ring Eye Bear
Hailey: These are some animals that are endangered that don't need to be endangred. if you were an animal you would not want to be endangered!

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