World Problems 2003

Solutions for Endangered Species
Hailey and BJ

Here is a planning sketch of our animal park.

Plan for Endangered species

1ST. We are going to raise the money by jobs, fund raises, singing,and donation .

2nd. The plan is going to cost 50 million dollars because we are going to build 50 animal parks. The names of the parks are the BJ and Hailey's Kingdom of Animals.

3rd. We are going to start in Bacball, Brazil to build the first park.This will protect Monkeys,
Snakes, frogs, caimans, and the golden lion monkey.

4th. People stand out there day and night to guard the parks.

5th. There will be an alarm and a camera.

6th. We will let people come in for two dollars if they won't harm the animals. They can take pictures and videos of the animals.

Hailey:This is our poster showing our tiger, orangutan, cheetah, and elephant inside our park.


Hailey: We are working on our poster at the half round table we are coloring the animals and the trees.

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