World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 Dear Jessie,

How are you? I am fine. I learned about when lots of heat forms that people will get heatstrokes. Heat will melt ice and make seas rise. If it is too sunny and hot lots of the crops will die. Zie jen.

Your friend, Ryan

Dear Henly,
What did you learn about global warming? I've learned that if people get to much smoke in the air then the ozone layer will get thinner. I got a lot of candy too. My favorite color is red. What is your favorite color? Yes I do want you to tell me about Chinese writing.

your pal Matt

3-7-03 Dear Matt, Ryan, Our problem is Global Warming. People make pollution every day so it destroy the ozone layer! Now there is a hole in Antartica. If people don't save this problem the earth will be hotter and hotter so all people could die. We plan to invent a car and airplane. Because we want to save this problem. This car can run up to 200 miles and it won't crash. This car only use sun power and water. The prise is just 10,000. We will let scientists to make it, and just need one year! We are try to invent an airplane too. The airplane is much better than the car but it's much expensive. Because this airplane can fly to space and it only need sunlight. It can go up to 20, 000 miles and it can suck the sunrays adn make it into fresh air. What's your invention?   Your friends, Henley and Jessie
3-10-03 Dear Henley and Jessie,   We are done with our poster iand t is on the internet. Are you done with your poster and when is it going to be done? Your air plane better watch out because our Vacuum Extreme might suck it up. What keeps your car from crashing and what is it made of? How can your air plane go 20,000 miles pre hour? Where are your pictures and sketches.   your pals Matt and Ryan

3-19-03 Dear Jesse and Henly,   How are you? We are fine. How are you doing on your poster? When are you going
to send us your plan? How big is your air plane and how heavy is it? How big is your
car and how heavy is it? How dose your air plane suck up sun rays? What will your car
and air plane do about all of the smoke?   your pals Matt and Ryon

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