World Problems 2003

Solutions for Global Warming
by Henley and Jesse

Global Warming Solution

Global warming is caused by people because we too much pollution and CFC's. So it destroys the Ozone layer. And it also causes icebergs to melt. If we don't protect it, the animals and people will be dead. And there is a hole in Antarctica, and it makes Antarctica warmer and warmer.

The Sun Car
We're trying to make a car that only uses water and sunpower. The car won't crash easily and it can run up to 200 miles per hour. It's called Sun Car. It won't make any pollutions. We'll let scientists make it, and they should just need one year. It cost $10,000. We'll borrow the money from the government.

The Space Plane
We're also trying to invent and airplane that only use sunpower. It can change sunrays into fresh air in the sky. It can run up to 10,000 miles per hour. It's called Space Plane. We'll let scientists make it, it needs 2 years to make it.
It won't make any pollution and it costs $20,000.



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