World Problems 2003

Solutions for Global Warming
by Matt and Ryan

The Vacuum Extreme air pollution cleaning machine

Global Warming Solution - Vacuum Extreme

1. Vacuum Extreme is the name of our machine to suck up air pollution to help the ozone layer.

2. It will costs 10,0000.

3. We will get the money from Ford motors, Bill Gates, Contry singers, and Shaquile O'Neil.

4. The Vacuum Extreme Sucks up the air pollution off the earth.

5. We will make the air clean.

6. Then it will let out fresh air on to the earth.

7. Vacuum Extreme will be 60 feet long and 15 feet wide so it will fit in a space shuttle.

8. It is made out of titanium and other alloys.

9. You work it with a computer at NASA.

10. They are going to stay in space and on earth and orbit the earth.

11. We are going to have 15 on earth and 15 in space.

12. A space shuttle will take the machines up in space.

13. It will take 8 trips to get all of them in space.

14. On the ground we are going to start in Taipei, London, Chicago, Mexico City, Santiago, Los Angeles, Moscow and Cape Town.


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