World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Steven,
How are you doing. How are you doing on the project? Mine is weapons of mass destruction. WE learned about atomic bombes. what do you have in mind? I am cool. So are you .
your friend, Levi

Dear Beryl,
Ni Hau Ma?I like Lord of the rings too. What are you and Steven doing on the project? Me and Levi are reading some war books to help us think about Weapons of mass Destruction project. We looked at a lot of books in the library.

by your friend,

2-24-04 - Dear Kyrell and Levi :
Do you got some information? Do you know how to break a nuclear bomb ? I got some information for nuclear bomb, Irac has nuclear bomb but they didn't make it together yet. Do you have any ideas? What parts or places in the world are harmed because of the problem? The other countrys goverment can take the making bombs money to make house and food. Please answer the question, we need some help and ideas.

from Beryl and Steven

Dear Beryl and Steven,

Saddam Hussein has used such weapons against his neighbors and against his people. How much longer before we as the United Nations say "enough?? We could break the nuclear bombs into pieces so they wouldn't work.
from, Levi and Kyrell


Dear Steven and Beryl,

We have a plan. We got 2 machines they are a bomb finder and a Crusher changer. Do you have a plan yet? We do and it is a cool plan. Do you all have machines?

your pals, Levi and Kyrell


Dear Levi and Kyreli,

Hello! Ni -How! We are talking about weapons of Mass destruction. What is your idea and plan? Our plan is give the money to scientist and tell them to destroy the bomb, but the problem is where can we get the money? And how do we get the bomb from Iraq? If no one solves the problem, the people and animals will die. So, we need to think an idea. If Iraq shoot two nuclear bomb to Washington D.C and New York, all American people will die. Iraq harmed the most problem. I think our problem needs a new machine too! We could use the machine to break the bomb and burn it up or break into a lot of pieces. So, the bomb has been kick out of this world. Then only little weapons of mass destruction are on earth.

From Beryl & Steven

3-10-03 Dear Beryl and Steven,
      We have our poster all ready done and it is really big and govener Holden is supposed to give us money to get our machines. We have 2 trucks and 20 army men and they are going in Iraq. You can get your money From Govener Holden. Thanks For some of your help.
      from Levi and Kyrell

Comments on Weapons of Mass Destruction: 3-19-03

Steven-"How do they get in Iraq? Iraq will not be happy!"

Alice-asked "what about the radiation from the bombs?"

The group wondered "what's the new stuff and how does it change it into stuff?"

Stephen-" very good thoughts but maybe a little impossible!"


Dear Steven and Beryl,

We are protected by the England and USA Army to get into Iraq.

The changer works like this. The changer turns on and the bomb goes through the new changer and it

makes new stuff. And then it makes chairs , beds and toys. We like your poster. Beryl, Levi likes you.

Kyrell and Levi


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