World Problems 2003

Solutions for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Beryl and Steven

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Our world problem is Weapons of Mass Destruction. This problem is one where weapons can kill many people at one time. Some of these weapons are nuclear bombs, biological weapons, and chemical weapons which can kill a lot of people and animals at one time. America dropped nuclear weapons a long time ago on Japan so they could stop the war, but we don't want that to happen to anyone again.

Our Plan
Our plan is to ask the governments to give us money and we will find scientists to make a machine to destroy the weapons.

This plan will start in North Korea and we can trade food or oil for weapons from them.

This plan needs two hundred and fifty million to build the machine.

Our other plan is to send those who build the weapons to jail.

We are afraid that with so many weapons we won't be able to live safely on the earth anymore, so we need to destroy these weapons.

We wish that if we do have a war that they don't use any virus, chemical weapon or nuclear weapons.


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