World Problems 2003

Solutions for Weapons of Mass Destruction
Kyrell and Levi

The Plan

1 We have to buy the 20 bomb finders. They are 30 dollars each.

2 We are sending 20 people out with these things in Iraq. The USA army and The England army
will protect the people while they find the bombs.

3 We have to make the Crusher Changer machine and we will get scientists to make it.

4 If the scientists make it - it will cost 50,000 dollars.

5 And we need an army truck to take it into Iraq.

6 We need $71,000 to buy all this stuff but we need Governor Holden to help us get the money.


The Bomb Finder and The Crusher Changer

The Bomb Finder works this way. You go around and it beeps when there is a bomb near by.

1 This is how the Crusher Changer works. You put the bombs in the crusher.

2 You turn the crusher on.

3 You push the steam button and it melts bombs like wax.

4 Everything rolls on the big machine belt.

5 Then the stuff gets sucked up into the changer.

6 Now the changer starts working. It turns the bomb into new stuff.

7 The stuff it makes is like beds, chairs, couches, toys, shoes, stoves and tables.

8 We will give these things to people who are poor.



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