World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Sharon and Alice,
Ni Hau ma? Kylee's birthday is May 25,1993. Kylee is 9 years old. Katieland is 10 years old. Katieland's birthday is February 8, 1993. Kylee has 6 people in her family. Kaiteland has 6 people in her house. Kylee has 2 dogs at her house. Kaiteland has a cat at her house. We don't have any ideas yet about rainforests.
your friends, Kylee and Kaiteland

2-24-03 -- Dear Kaitland and Kylee,
Nee how ma?We know that rainforests are being cut down for farmland and houses. Mr.Justik says that poor people need the rainforests for farmland and houses.What do you think we should do?We think that we need a plan to help them get what they need without cutting down rainforests.
Your friends, Sharon and Alice


Dear Sharon and Alice,

Ni Hau ma? We are fine. We got your e-mail you sent us. People need jobs so they can make money so they won't be poor any more. We think we need a plan too. Make other jobs for the people? Start a factory to give people jobs. We are still thinking about some more ideas. Do you have any ideas yet? Well gotta go bye.Zi-Jien

Your friends, Kylee and Kaiteland



Dear Alice and Sharon,

Ni Hau ma? We got an idea! Our idea is to build a factory in Manaus, Brazil to make jeans! So the people who are cutting down the rainforest will have another job. Do you have any ideas yet? We are starting our poster now. Have you started your poster yet? Well gotta go.


your friends,
Kylee and Kaiteland

Dear Kylee and Kaitland,

Good day to you! The factory idea is good, but what if some people don't want to change jobs? We have to think about that. What if their job is to cut trees so their cows can eat? And where will you get money to build the factory?

We can tell the government to make a law that you have to replant the trees that you cut. We can tell the government that if the rainforests are cut down, soon there will be none of those amazing creatures that live in the forests. We can also say that if rainforest are cut down, there will be less oxygen on earth, and people will die.

How are you going to pay the workers of the factory?

From your pen pals, Alice and Sharon


Dear Sharon and Alice,

Ni Hau ma? It's easy to get the tree cutters to change their jobs just pay them an extra dollar. We are going to pay them $100. Don't you think that's enough? They can buy hay for their animals. Sure we can tell the goverment to make a law to re plant trees, but what if they say no? When we sell the jeans we will get money for making the jeans so we can pay the workers.

your friend



Rainforests Comments: 3-19-03

As a group-How will you convince the people to come and work and what if they don't want to listen?

Mr. Justik said that the project seemed well planned and thought out.
Everyone-why do they want to make jeans and not something else?


Dear Alice & Sharon,

Ni Hau Ma? I am fine. We got your comments you sent us. We want to make jeans because people wear jeans a a lot. We are going to convience the people to work at our factory by telling them that we are going to pay them more than they got payed cutting down trees.



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