Saving the Rainforests


Sharon and Alice: oral report -- Our problem is Rainforest destruction. The worst destruction is in Brazil, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. There is also widespread destruction in other parts of South America and Mexico. Not only animals are affected but people are affected too. Animals are affected because they depend on the rainforests for food and shelter. People are affected because we need trees and plants for oxygen. Without rainforests the animals and people will be gone very soon. So that means everyone is affected by this problem.

Our problem's result might have to do with a certain group of people. The problem started at about 40 years ago. Many groups of people besides us are trying to solve our problem. We think we will start on the Amazon Rain Forest. If we solve the problem there, we can solve the rest. We will need a plan to solve this problem. We think talking to the right people will be part of the plan.


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