World Problems 2003

Solutions for Saving the Rainforests
by Alice and Sharon

Posters from Taiwan

Rainforest Destruction

Our problem is rainforest destruction. We need to fix it because we depend on trees for oxygen.

Every year more and more trees are cut down. This is causing more and more animals to disappear. The trees are cut down for paper, houses, firewood and pencils and other things.

This very paper you are reading may have been the home of a holler-monkey or a Toucan's nesting tree.

Our Plan
We need a plan to save the rainforests and our plan is called the
Rainforest Restruction Program or RRP.

We will try to talk the government into making a law that says that if you cut down a tree you must replant it.

If you don't replant the tree you cut you will be fined $50,000 NT.

We learned that people would really need oxygen, because trees give us oxygen.

It's like we are cutting down our own AIR!

We can ask the people who cut down trees if they want to live or die, or at least their children!

Animals, if we cut down trees are also dying. There is even a kind of frog in the Amazon rainforest that has special oil, scientists think it could be useful, really useful! Some doctors are afraid all the frogs will disappear and not be able to help anyone.


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