World Problems 2003

Solutions for Saving Rainforests
by Kaiteland and Kylee

Rain Forest Solution

1. First write a letter to President Bush.

2. We are going to tell president Bush that we are doing a project about the rainforest and that we are going to build a factory and could he please give us some money.

3. After we get the money we are going to buy wood, cloth, sewing machines, chairs, tables, and scissors. This might cost $200,000.

4. Our factory is going to make jeans.

5.Our total is $1,600,000.

6. We will have to put poles outside for electricity to the factory.

7. We are going to build a factory.

8. Get the people who are cutting down trees and give them a job at our factory.

9. We are going to build our factory in Manaus, Brazil.

10. We are going to build it there because that is where there is a big rainforest.

11. Cost List:

$100,000 building

$50,000 sewing machines

$3,000 tables

$20,000 cloth

$1,000 scissors

$15,000 chairs

$2,000 electricity bills

$1,000 buy air conditioner

$100 air bill




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