World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Polly,

How are you? I have learned a little about water pollution for instance did you know that algae chemicals can create a poison called red tide? it looks so cool but it kills fish very easiely.Things that make water pollution are: chemicals, oil, food, paper, plastic, rusting metal, glass, metals, run off and PCB's.

What water pollution really is,is when stuff gets in the water that is bad for animals and people and plants. Yes I know about Valentines Day. No I don't have a boyfriend. We have a new student. Her name is Lakeisha Miles. Are we working on air/water pollution or just water pollution? What have you learned so far about water pollution?

Your best pen-pal(I hope),


2-24-03 - Dear Molly & Chelsea
We are thinking about "water" pollution.We've thought about telling people don't throw garbage or waste into the river or ocean.Or making video tapes teaching people if you throw garbage or waste into the river or ocean what will happen.Maybe making a kind of sun power machine that can scoop up the garbage or waste that are in the river or ocean.What do you think???Is it good or bad?
Polly & Vivian

P.S Think more ideas please.

Dear Polly and Vivian,
Ni Hau ma? We are thinking about water pollution too. Your idea is great. We have an idea too. Our idea is to send fliers to all our email pals (we have email pals all over the world)it will cost to get fliers all over the world but if all the kids in the schools that we write to go around their niehborhood and work for some money and then we can use that money to send the fliers all over the world asking people to stop trashing the water and to help clean up the water.Thats all that we have to say. What do you think?Bye for now ttyl.(TALK TO YOU LATER) Zie Jien.

Your Friends,Molly and Chelsea

3-9-03 Dear Chelsea and Molly, Ni how ma? Your idea is like our idea. Our idea is is to making a machine that sucks the waste in the water. We will sell video tapes that teach people to help stop polluting water. It costs $100 NT Dollar. All of the money we make can make a bigger machine. It cost $2000 NT. And all of the money can go to the government. And then we can tell the government to money to poor people. The plan is called............CRYSTAL CLEAR. We know a lot about water pollution.The factory will throw the waste in the water is one way. Also, the smoke will go in the clouds, then the cloud will be dirty and when the cloud rains the pollution will go in the ocean or river and then they are polluted.   Vivian and Polly
Taiwan Water Pollution comments: 3-19-03   Sharon asked "how long will it take?" Stephen thought that it was a little "expensive." Vivian, "They give good details!" Stephen also wondered about the solar power and what would they do if it rains? Stephenie asked how does this machine know what to pick up and what not to pick up? Andrew wondered, quite wisely, if the fish are in the polluted water should they be left to be eaten by other animals or not?

3-19-03 Dear Polly and Vivian,   Ni hau ma? Can your machine come out of the water and walk to another ocean? What I'm tryng to say is when yor machine is done cleaning the first Ocean that Ocean doesn't lead to another so it can't go all the way around the world. I like your plan but can it come out of the water? I want to know? . The name of our machine is Crystal Clear Un- Polluter. Do you like it beause I like yours? I like the way your machine looks do you like our machine?   P.S. please write me back.   your friend, Chelsea Yarter

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