World Problems 2003

Solutions for Water Pollution

by Polly and Vivian


Polly and Vivian holding their poster

  Crystal Clear

Our world problem is a problem for everyone in the world. What is it? It's WATER POLLUTION!!! It is a very horrible problem. If no one cares about water pollution, no one would be able to drink fresh and clean water. So, we are going to stop this problem.

We have thought about it. So, we've got a plan. Our plan's name is called Crystal Clear. And about the plan, we're going to make video tapes that will teach people about Water Pollution. And how to help the water. It costs ( the video tape ) 100N.T.

All of the money from that can make a machine that would suck the waste in the water. It costs 2000 N.T. And all of the money we earn we can use to build a bigger machine. It also sucks the waste out of the water. It costs 2000 N.T. All of the extra money we make can be given to the United Nations. We will tell them to use this money to help more about water pollution.

About the machine, we will have a small machine and a big machine. The small machine is called Crystal Water 1. And the bigger machine is called Crystal water 2.

The small machine cleans rivers and ponds.
And the bigger one cleans big lakes and small parts of the ocean.

Some people don't know how to use the machine, but its okay!!! Because we will put an instruction book in the box. (When you buy the machine, it will have a box.) The machines will go all over the world. But the poor countries, we will give them by a present. Everyone can buy it. But the poor people we will give as a present. We wish everyone can help more about our world problem. Water pollution affects us all!

Thank You~END


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