Molly and Chelsea are giving their first talk on water pollution.


Molly and Chelsea: Water pollution is all over the world. Some of the places are the USA, China, and Europe. The problem affects people and aninals. People get drinking water from rivers that are polluted. There are many different ways that water pollution can begin. Some ways are oil spills, garbage in the water, run off from farms.

About Water Pollution by Molly and Chelsea 

What are we going to do about water pollution! Water pollution is caused by oil spills, food, paper, PCB's and run off. It is hard to clean up water pollution because there is a lot of it all over the world and we can't pick the chemicals up and the oil up because chemicals desolve in the water and oil is a liquid just like water is. The Mississippi is not safe to drink out of because it is polluted so you should not take a cup to the Mississippi river and drink the water straight out of a cup. We do get our drinking water out of the Mississippi River. We have a water cleaning plant that cleans the water so it's safe to drink. We have an idea to stop water pollution. Our plan is to make a machine that sucks up water pollution and water then cleans out the pollution then spits the clean water back out. We are putting a picture of our machine that we drew Tuesday on our poster. Mr.Smith said." I think water pollution is a problem we can solve but it will take many good ideas."


Red tide and dead fish on the beach

Here is what happens to stream and rivers.


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