World Problems 2003

Solutions for Water Pollution
by Molly and Chelsea

The Crystal Clear Un-Polluter

Sketches of the machine before it was finished


Water Pollution Solution: The Crystal Clear Un-Polluter

1. We will put 6 crystal clear Un-polluters in the Mississippi starting from St. Paul to New Orleans, then we will put 1 in each great lake and 2 in each ocean for starters.

2.There are computers tracking the machines so that they know when something goes wrong or if the machine needs cleaned out. When it needs cleaned out they will see it on their computers they will send 3 people to clean 1 out. They will put the trash on the spare space of the boat. One person on each boat and the boats will go back and forth as many times as they need to until it is completely cleaned out.

3.The crystal clear Un-Polluters will cost $180,000 because they will cost $10,000 each andthere will be 18 so you multply $10,000 times 18 equals $180,000 we will get the money by working.

4.The crystal clear Un-Polluters are 30 ft tall each and 20 ft wide.

5. The crystal clear Un-Polluters will run on solar panels and wherever the sun shines on them the crystal clear Un-Polluters will turn on because the sun starts solar electricity and thats what they run on.

6. The crystal clear Un-Polluters pick up anything that harms the water. It does not pick up animals or dead fish because some animals eat dead fish . Some examples of what they pick up are chemicals, food, paper, most comman oil spill, and pcb's.


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