World Problems Project 2003
E-Mail Communication Between Hannibal and Taiwan

2-19-03 -- Dear Belle,

Ni Hau Ma? Do you know anything about oil spills yet?

I think I have a idea to stop oil spills.The biggest oil spill was in 1989 and it could get into river,lakes and Oceans.

Zi-Jen From Bucky

Dear Bucky and Aushalique, 
The places that has been harmed are the seas and and the beaches.The oil spills affects the animals and the people. The animals are the mostly affected ones. The oil spills is the result of oil of the oil company in the world. The oil spills affect some unlucky country. The problem has been for a long time, and it is still spreading around the world. The goverments are trying to solve the problem. We need a new plan among people to fix and we need a machine too. The oil spills need to be worked with science, medicine and talking with the right people. If there is no one solve my problem I will try and solve it myself.

Belle and Masashige


Bucky and Aushalique,

Hi-Ni how ma?

We know our problem is to stop oil spills from killing animals. Our idea is like a ship with a vacuum that can what is water and what is oil. OUr other idea is a round thing in the water, it has holes in it then this round thing can suck the oil in to the hole. Or, we can use a super rubber to pull the oil to the beach, we can use ten helicopters to pull the oil and put to another ship, we can use a thing that is the size of a big fish to suck the oil and put it to another ship.

Belle, Masashige


Dear Belle and Masashige,

Ni Ha Ma ? Me and Bucky have got all of our things done and we are asking you guys If you have got your poster and the other things we are all doing together. How far are you doing in your project? What kind of pictures are you doing. Would you go on our web sight and look at our pictures that we have done? Would you send one of your pictures on your email that comes to us?

P.S. Send us some pictures and write us and then tell us when you are done with the project so we can tell our teacher Mr.Smith.

Aushalique and Bucky

Comments from Taiwan: 3-19-03

Vicki asked if "there were 2 cameras for each boat or just 2 for the 20 boats?"

Sharon wondered if the camera in the tank would get "ruined?"

Masashige said "their idea is much more different than ours!"


Dear Masashige ,

How are you. Would you tell Vicki that there will be 2 cameras for 20 boats. And Tell Sharon that the cameras will not get ruined and thank you for the email . Have you got your plan done. I saw your poster and It looks good. Send us your plan.

Aushalique wilson


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