World Problems 2003

Solutions for Oil Spills
by Belle and Masashige

Oil Spills Solution

The name of the invention is Non-oil tanker and it is made to help the oil spill problem.

The invention looks like a normal oil tanker; the real part of the invention is the sucking vacuum.

The invention is made of used but strong metal and we will paint it black and red. Then we will build a control center and it is really important all of the controlling stuff is there and the cranes too.

The oil tanker costs about 250 million NT.

The oil company will make the machine (they made the mess!)

The oil tanker will be finished in about 2 to 4 years.

Our invention needs power, which is oil too.

You can control it at the center, (don't touch the emergency button!)

The government will steer the invention.

It is used by adults.

The invention is not for everyone, but we will make some little toy ones for kids that can suck little stuff for fun which cost about 1000 NT.

Yes, the whole world will be helped by it.

By Belle and Masashige



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