World Problems 2003

Solutions for Oil Spills
by Bucky and Aushalique

There is a smaller oil boat and it will turn faster if it sees any thing on the bottom and there is a camera on the bottom.

Here are two pictures of Aushalique and Bucky thinking of what we want to put at the top of the poster that we were doing and heres our poster that was done and this Is what It looks like.

Oil Spills Solution and Plan

1. The name of the new oil boat is the Red White and Blue.

2. It will cost $20,000,000 for 20 boats.

3. Then we will buy the two cameras.

4. Then we will buy the new boats.

5. It will have a camera on the bottom of the boat and the camera will have a antana.

6. There will be a camera in the oil tank.

7. The boat is made out of Titanium and It won't break.

8. My factory name will be Oil Company and It will be in New York.

9. We will take the old boats away and put the new boats in.

10. We are going to bring in new boats because all of the old boats are slow to turn and If they see something in the water they can't turn fast enough.

11. There is a camera in the oil tank and out on the bottom of the boat too.

12. There is a computer inside the boat and there will be a man in the inside the boat watching for oil leaks.

13. The boat is red and blue with a sign warning for oil spills and there will be a place for the oil to go.

14. It will take about a year to clean the water and get the old boats out of the way and get all the new boats in .


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