Ni Hao
We have a special relationship with Kang Chaio - we flew to Taiwan in the summers of 2004 and 2007! 
Ten students, Mr. Smith, and Ms. Eby visited Kang Chiao Bilingual School for 2 weeks on each trip. 
Kids attended classes, stayed in Taiwanese homes, learned Chinese, and visited many wonderful
sites around Taipei. We came to know the halls, classrooms, and grounds of Kang Chaio very well. 

 A New year's Video

Taiwan-Hannibal Food Project 2008

In 2007-2008, we're working with Ms. San's 4P1 class. Mr. Liu is a new teacher at Kang Chaio and he is the new teacher for this class 
We have MP3 greetings for 4P1 on our wiki. To hear our greetings, go to

Mr. Charles Liu - web page

Click on this great drawing to see sample letters from KC kids.


Selling pizza to raise money for the trip.
Click this picture to see larger version.

Photos and Information about our trip to Taipei in the summer of 2007.

Inside the hallways of Kang Chiao - Ms. Vivien's 4th grade. We'll visit them this summer!!

See Photos of Ms. Vivien's 2007 class working in the Monster Project



Mr. Justik's class is holding our Christmas cards from Hannibal. 
 They worked with us in an incredible project called Solving World Problems.

A giant box of presents from Taiwan
arrived in Hannibal on December 18.
What is inside the box?????

Christmas Card Pictures

Halloween at Kang Chiao
Have a look at their celebration pictures!

Special Message from Eli to Rita and Sandy.
Click the boy to hear the message.

Taiwan kids are watching a video we sent them of our projects at Eugene Field.
Two of our students are explaining our
Monster Project .

Gifts from Cambridge Bilingual School (now called Kang Chiao)


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