Eugene Field & Kang Chiao   
Taiwan International Camp 
June 30 to July 15

The Beginning

Fund Raising





We started the journey aboard a Hannibal school bus.

Waving goodbye to parents

Saint Louis, Missouri -- Lambert Airport

Shortly after take-off from St. Louis. Only two of our kids had ever flown before.

A few screams at take-off...

The butter seems to be frozen.

Detroit International Airport - chess time.

Riding the terminal train to our gate in Detroit, Michigan

Travelers work on their journals in Detroit

On board the 400-passenger Boeing 747 - time to cross the Pacific.

Eating, eating, eating...

Flying time to Kansai Airport, Osaka, Japan, about 12 hours.

In Osaka, Japan, we hopped a train to the wrong gate, had a slight panic, rushed back to our correct gate, 
and then our Boeing 747 airplane took this route to Taipei. About 2 and a half hours flying time.

A short clip of our arrival in Taipei...

Ya-Ting in the middle, flanked by Eric, YoYo, Sophia, and Jamie.

Approaching our families: Calvin and Mr. Lo behind the pole

Below, Hannibal kids are posing with their families whom they have known only a few minutes...

Ya-Ting, the Wonderful camp coordinator




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