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Taiwan International Camp 

The Beginning

Fund Raising





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At the Eugene Field parking lot - after all of the fundraising and planning, we're ready to go.

Background: Global Education and Project-based Learning
This page is about an incredible journey. My 4th grade class worked on various Internet projects throughout the year. One of our international project partners was Kang Chiao Bilingual School in Taipei, Taiwan. Kids exchanged e-mail, sent podcasts, played Internet chess, cooperated on a Monarch science project, worked together in the Monsters Project, and exchanged Christmas packages and DVDs. As a result of our close educational relationship, Kang Chaio invited us to the International Summer Camp for the second time. Ten fourth grade students traveled to Taiwan in 2004, and now we were going back again in 2007. My classroom was electrified!

Selecting Kids
Naturally, everyone wanted to go on trip like this, but we had a limit of ten. Before any kids were selected, everyone in class wrote their thoughts on the possibility of going to Taiwan. You can read the work of the ten travelers at the following link: Thoughts on Traveling to Taiwan.

In January, I announced the names of kids who best fit the following criteria:
1. Kids who show respect to teachers and work hard in school.
2. Kids who are responsible and caring.
3. Kids who have good manners and are not a behavior problem.
4. Kids who are conversational and enjoy making new friends.
5. Kids who willing to try new foods.
6. Kids who are brave enough to stay with a Taiwanese family.
7. Kids who will work hard to learn basic Chinese phrases before going.
8. Kids who will represent Eugene Field and the USA with pride.

Beginning the Work
Having the honor of being in this group meant that many steps had to be taken to make the trip possible. We had to acquire United States passports, and begin the process of raising funds to help pay for the trip. It was only because Kang Chiao so generously provided two-thirds of the funds, that this journey was even possible for our kids. Using email and Internet conferencing, I worked with Kang Chiao teachers and administrators to plan classroom lessons and outings. Ms. Eby and I had the task of managing student teams and teaching classes during the 2 weeks in Taipei. Our kids nervously anticipated their arrival in the homes of Kang Chiao parents, while the adults made plans to stay in a dorm in downtown Taipei.

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