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Eugene Field & Kang Chaio   
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June 30 to July 15, 2007

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Traveling to Taiwan by Emily
What I know about Taiwan is that it is a beautiful place. I would like to have time there so I can teach my email pals English, maybe something about the bugs we learned about, or maybe we can go and fly kites. We can if we work together and make a kite.  And I would like to bring a gift! I would like to have tea in a park. Iíd love to try new foods. Taiwan is located in Asia . It may not look like that but it is.  When I sit at a table before I eat I pray and I always chew with my mouth closed. I say please and thank you.  I try to finish my food if I can. If I need to go and use the restroom I ask be excused. If someone is already using it, I wait quietly. If not I knock on the door. What would be exciting about this trip is that itís a great opportunity, a once in a lifetime. If I got to stay at my email palís home I would be very surprised and excited. I will try to pick up my food with chopsticks and try it. I think it is very important to try new things in order to have good health. I have been away from my family for two weeks and I know I can make it a few more days in Taiwan. I am willing to learn more Chinese. I already know a whole lot of Chinese. I can write the numbers 1-10 in Chinese! This trip is an important part of my education because knowing more about the world helps you be smart.

Traveling to Taiwan by Kylie

I think that I would be a very good traveler because I know lots of things about Taiwan like the capital is Taipei . And plus they have fun water parks and beaches that I would enjoy. I even know where it is located. It is located right next to China and it is in Asia and I know that it is by the Pacific Ocean .  I might be nervous to stay at my pen palís house but I still want to go and learn the traditions. I have very good manners so I can represent Hannibal with respect. I will tell you what good table manners are: donít burp at the table, donít talk with your mouth full, and donít put your elbows on the table. I would try my best to use chopsticks and try the new strange foods on my plate because it is important to try new foods. I know I can be away from my family for this time and I am willing to learn lots of Chinese phrases. I will tell you my numbers in Chinese to ten- yee, ar, sahn, suh, woo, leo, chee, bah, geo and shuh. This is an important fun trip.

My Thoughts on Travels to Taiwan by Bianca

 I think I would be a great traveler to Taiwan because I know how to speak some Chinese. I know that Taiwan has different kinds of food, Taiwan has the tallest building in the world, Taiwan has Dragon boat races, and it has a big city called Taipei . I would like to learn more Chinese. Taiwan is located in Asia and it is by the East China Sea . I would like to play and stay with my Chinese family and I would like to use my chopsticks too. I would have good manners, I would play with my e-mail pals Lily and Kelly, and I would use my best Chinese. For manners I would say xie xie and if I burp I will say dui bu qi. I would try new foods even if I donít know what they are because the food might be good. I am brave enough to be away from my family for seventeen days.   I already know this in Chinese: dui bu qi, xie xie, zei jian, dung shi xiao kien, wo yow hambow, wo xing Dorsey, Jao Bianca.  Going to Taiwan is good for my education because I would learn so much from my friends.

Traveling to Taiwan by Casey  

I am a good traveler because I donít complain. I know that Kang Chiao has a lot of fun things to do. And I know that there are dragon boat races in Taiwan and I would like to see one. I would be a very good person because I know what good table manners are: say excuse me, and please for someone to pass the food, talk about appropriate things, donít shove your mouth full of food, and do not have a challenge with your food. For speaking Chinese, I already know Wo yao hambow means I would like a hamburger and I can count to ten.

My Thoughts on Taiwan by Austin N.

I think I would be a good traveler because I can be away from home and I have been away before. I can learn Chinese.  I am not shy. I would like to meet my pen pal and be able to stay with my pen pals. I would try new food. I know where Taiwan is located it is off the coast of Asia .  I know the capital of Taiwan is Taipei . I have been away from my family for 17 days before so I know I can do it. I would always try the new foods and have good manners and use my chopsticks. I know how to say dui bu qi I want to say excuse me. I would wait until everybody else starts eating before I start eating. It would be a very exciting trip to fly all the way to Asia .

  My Thoughts on Traveling to Taiwan by Chris

I think I should go to Taiwan because I would like to meet my pen pal and stay with them. I would like to show my pen pal where we are located and tell him about us in the United States .  I will show that I have good manners including waiting for all people to be served, saying please and thank you, and saying dui bu qi.

  I would also like to try new foods in Taiwan and learn the right way to use chopsticks from my pen pal.  I also want to see Taipei 101 and go inside and see what it is like in there. I would also like to see the Pacific Ocean and swim in it because I have never been to the ocean before. 

  Going to Taiwan by Austin F.

I am a good traveler because I like to go places. I like to eat new foods and I like to travel a lot around the states and countries. And I like zoos and there is a zoo in Taiwan . I have already traveled twice to Colorado, Oregon, and California .

  I know the capital of Taiwan is Taipei and Taiwan is in the Pacific Ocean . If I get to go I really want to see the dragon boat races.  I would like to stay at Peter and Brianís house for two weeks. I would be very good and a good friend.  I would like to try drawing a Chinese opera mask and learn some more Chinese. Some of the Chinese I know is Wo xing means my last name is. Jao means I am called. I would say Wo xing Fugate, jao Austin. I know numbers  yee, ar, sahn, suh, woo.  Qing wen nin gui xing means Whatís your name please?


  Travels to Taiwan by Alex

I would like to go to Taiwan because it is a once in a lifetime chance. I know that Taiwan has a lot of color at night. I would like to go and visit my e-mail pal and get to know them all better. I can tell you that Taiwan is located in Asia and Asia is the largest continent.  I would be very excited to go because you might never get a chance to do it again.

I will show my good table manners and say thank you and not burp and be polite. I would just try any food I get and not say anything and just keep eating it. I would let the people I am staying with go first to eat then I will eat. It is important to try new foods because you will never know how it tasted if you donít try. I know I can be okay away from my family for this trip because it will be so fun. I will work hard to learn Chinese phrases before I go on the trip with Mr. Smith. I will take pictures of Taiwan and maybe get a gift for my family and bring a gift for my Taiwan family. I want to have a good time and bond with my Taiwan family.


   My Thoughts on Traveling to Taiwan by Jeff

I like Taiwan ! It would be fun flying in an airplane to go there. I have never been on an airplane in my life. It will take a long long time. I would like to go swimming when I get there. I know it is hot. I hope we get to go to the water park and the beach!  In Taiwan I think you have to boil your water before you drink it. I like basketball and I want to play basketball up on the roof at their school. I want to meet Chi Chi and Jeffery my email pals.  I will be polite at the table and use my good manners all the time. It will be sweet to go to Taiwan. Plus I really like Taiwan !   

  Going to Taiwan by Gabby

If I get to go to Taiwan and stay at a personís house I would act like a good friend, respectful, and being nice. I have good table manners at any meal. Manners are being polite like thank you and no thank you, and just tasting any foods even if it doesnít look good. I wonít say bad things about the food, and I will use my chopsticks. I really think it is good to try new things because you donít know if it is good or not. I would be brave to be away from my family because I would still feel safe.

  In Taiwan I would like to go swimming and go see the country. Things that would make me excited is learning about Taiwan , learning some of their ways, and how to say more of their words and stuff like that.  What I know so far in Chinese is numbers, introducing myself, and whatís your name please.  I also want to see the school and learn how they teach kids in Taiwan . 


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