Eugene Field & Kang Chiao   
Taiwan International Camp 
June 30 to July 15

The Beginning

Fund Raising





Kids Attended Classes at Kang Chiao

Day 2 of classes at Kang Chiao. The Hannibal students taught a
a lesson on Native Americans, comparing them to the Aboriginal people of Taiwan.

Here the kids are working in groups to retell the main points. 

 Other lessons at Kang Chiao:

Holidays & Festivals Cultures & Lifestyles
Calligraphy Pottery & Tie Dye
Animals of Taiwan & America Landmark Models
Chinese Yoyo Arthropods
Mandarin Chinese Class Chinese and American Cooking
Weddings & Families Chinese Knot Tying


A few visuals at the school:

This is the Science garden area. You can see part of the school in the background.


The master Potter demonstrates his craft.


This is the first day when the students all met at school. They are introducing themselves with a memory game.


American students learned that calligraphy in Taiwan is very respected art form that all students practice.



Part of the challenge for the 4th graders in coming to Taiwan was being able to try new foods.




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