Our Friends in Kampala, Uganda, Africa
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Sancta Maria Preparatory School
Bukoto, Capital district of Kampala, Uganda
Head Teacher: Florence


 We are just getting underway with our new partnership. Ms. Namata is the main teacher and caretaker of all of the children at her school, which is also her home. The children live at the school because they are orphans. While we have peace and good health and medicine in the United States, this is not the case in Uganda. Many of the students with Ms. Namata have lost their parents because of the wars and because of HIV.  The school, as far as we know, has only one computer. General school supplies are needed. Our class intends to become better friends and to find ways to help in educational ways. We are not sure what we will do this year, but we are taking it one step at a time and discussing possibilities.

We have a request at DonorsChoose.Org, where we are looking for help to make communications better with African students using digital cameras. 

Here is our first video greeting to Sancta Maria:



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