Grade 5 - Ms. Elahi's Class
Discovery Centre Smart School

This was a fantastically enjoyable project! We loved the Giant Salad at the end of the project!

Christmas Greeting to Hannibal 

Our story is about when a class of Pakistan students sent us a video for Christmas! Ms. Elahi and her fifth grade class are the people we know in Pakistan and the name of their school is Discovery Centre Smart School. They were in a very special project, the project was THE MONSTER PROJECT.  Miss Elahi's class sent us a video of them singing Christmas songs, and the songs were... Jingle Bells and We wish You a Merry Christmas. The reason we think Pakistan kids should speak English in their videos is because English people wouldn't understand them. We are worried for our friends in Pakistan is because their country is right next to Iraq and there is a war going on there.   
written by Mercadees and Shayna


Our friends in Ms. Elahi's class are teaching 
us a few words in their language, Urdu.
1) Hello -  Assa-laam-u-alaikum
The reply is Walaikum-us-Salaam
2) Thank you -  Shukriyaa
3) Good Bye -  Allah hafiz



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