Friends from Fuchinobe Elementary

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We've exchanged DVDs with Japan, and here are more examples of how we are sharing this year.
Many thanks to Ms. Etsuko for being the main classroom helper for Ms. Takahashi and Mr. Bono!!


Artist Maoko

Artist Yumi

Example art work from Mr. Bono's class.

FuchiRobo 4-4 Adventure - by Kanako Komatsu

On October 27, Monster FuchiRobo 4-4 was finished by class 4-4. That night FuchiRobo 4-4 sneaked out of the classroom for his adventure. He came to a forest and had a meal there because he was hungry. He had an Onigiri (rice ball) that his friends of class 4-4 made for him. He opened his mouth widely and ate the Onigiri. "Wow, it's so good. I've never had such a good Onigiri like this in my life." he said. He was very satisfied with the Onigiri.

At that time his friends of class 4-4 were panicked because they missed FuchiRobo 4-4. But they forgot about it right away and they played hand baseball, folding origami and so on eagerly. FuchiRobo 4-4 started his adventure all right but he got lost in the forest. He wandered this way and that way. In a while it was getting dark and he became lonely. "Well, I'll go to the place my friends are." he thought. He ran and ran toward Fuchinobe Elementary School. When he got to the school, he saw the classroom lit up.

FuchiRobo 4-4 said, "I came back." "Welcome back." said the sweet friends of class 4-4. They were waiting for FuchiRobo 4-4 to come back till then. From the next day FuchiRobo 4-4 played with the friends of class 4-4 every day happily ever after. The end.


Kanako shares English skills in describing FuchiRobo 4-4.




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