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Chess News Update - I'm at Radford University in Virginia where now I try to use my past classroom experiences to help new teachers enter the profession via our School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Last semester, one of my student teachers engaged her 5th graders with Jonathan Humble's team in England. I hope to see more pre-service teachers experiment with chess in the classroom!

Past Classroom Games

Mr. Smith and his 4th graders  visited Taiwan a few years ago, and he says: "The Taiwanese are players are very focused and serious about the game - which makes it so much more fun and challenging!"   Other teams -  Mrs. Fleischer's 4th in San Jose - a very skilled team! Mr. Lavelle's college teachers from the University of Cumbria have dropped out - the games were obviously too tough for them.  Other challengers have been Mr. Simonsen's team in Indian Wells, CA!, and St Oswald's Primary, Burneside, England. Stay tuned.  Our longtime opponents from Wales at Ysgol Llanddulas are now just memories  Mr. Lavelle  moved up to being the Headmaster at Dulwichwood Primary in London,  and now lives on his barge called the HMS Baardvark. If you're reading this page and want to know how to do this kind of chess, send me an email and I'll share the files and directions. 

Example Online Game Boards
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Mr. Smith's 4th Grade vs  Taiwan 

vs St. Oswald's: England

Mr. Smith's 4th Grade vs Univ. of Cumbria, UK

vs San Jose:California


Listen to players explain: What is Internet Chess?




Expert chess players explain the status of the game with Taiwan 4th graders and their next move in the game. The girls were in trouble, but have now captured their opponent's Queen!

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(Note: Thank You to Mr. Colin Lavelle, the Welsh educator who got us started. )