Getting ready to go to Taiwan

     To raise money to help pay for our trip to Taiwan, we washed cars, sold silk roses for Mother's Day, and sold Maid Rite sandwiches at Prime Time Reading Night at Eugene Field. Mrs. Johnson applied for a Reidel Foundation grant and we got it!  We also made a radio ad that played on KHBL in Hannibal. Many generous people from Hannibal and other places contributed to help us reach our goal.  Our greatest sponsor for this journey was Cambridge Bilingual School in Taiwan. The school sponsored two-thirds of the cost, and we raised the balance of the funds.

Eugene Field Parents are to be commended for coming together and meeting many, many times to work out the details of sending their children on this incredible journey away from home. They worked hard to prepare their children for a wonderful, exciting time of learning and living in China.

What did kids need to travel to Taiwan?
Passports -- Immunizations
Consent Letters to Travel -- Birth Certificates
Friendly Attitude -- Courage
Willingness to Try New Things

Link to Car Wash pictures, go here 

Posters like this were all around the school building.

In our cafeteria --  Students and parents bought sandwiches to help us go to Taiwan.

Counting money from silk rose sales.

Here are some of the phrases we knew in Chinese.
These phrases appeared on our spelling tests!

Wo xing Holland.
My last name is Holland.

Dui bu qi.
Excuse me.
Xie xie.
Thank you.
Bu yong, xie xie.
No thank you.
Qing wen ce suo zai na li?
Where is the restroom please?
Ni hao?
Hello, how are you?
Wo yao chow fan.
I want fried rice.
Wo bu yao hambow.
I don't want a hamburger.
yi, er san, si, wu
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
liu, qi, ba, jiu, shi
6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Money in Taiwan: 1 US dollar is equal to about 33 New Taiwan (NT) dollars.
Here are some prices of common things in Taiwan.

Can of soda -- NT $50

Sunglasses -- NT $280
T-shirt -- NT $200 
Candy bar -- NT $25 

Learning to use chopsticks in class

Chinese Characters: These are symbols of nature that
we painted with calligraphy brushes and ink.

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